What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: Obviously, they'll implode

Eric Nepean wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

These cameras can not possibly coexist. As soon an the first m4/3 adapter is available everyone will instantly use them on their new a7. Olympus will have no choice but to take the honorable way out.

It may be that a m4/3 adapter to the A7 requires a glass element, and isn't so simple or so cheap.

The M43 lenses are designed to cover only the size of the m43 sensor with a sharp image, no value or other incentive to cover a larger sensor area.

to cover the entire A7 sensor with an m43 lens, another lens element is required, similar in function to the old style teleconvertor. But this will increase the focal length, and also has the effect of making the F number larger.

So now one has a bigger, heavier slower lens assembly, and then we still need to deal with the electronic interfaces to make autofocus and aperture control work.

It may be that such an adapter product will be considerably delayed in its appearance.

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Sorry, I should have made it more obvious I was joking.

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