I take it back, I think Fuji will do a FF X Pro 2

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I take it back, I think Fuji will do a FF X Pro 2

I've always thought that they would stick to APS-C, however now due to a few reasons i think the X-Pro 2 will be a FF camera.

1) Nikon released a D5300 and for the first time in this class of DSLR they have not increased the megapixel count over the previous version (D5200), this is unprecedented for them in the "advanced beginner" line up. All they did was take the AA filter off and as we know the real world gains of doing this are slim at best. I think they've run out of tricks and will have to introduce a D5400 (or whatever they name it) with a FF sensor to continue to evolve in this market.

2) Sony have announced the A7 range

3) Fuji have made the odd move of upgrading the X-E1 before the X-Pro 1, leading me to think they are positioning the X-E2 to be their flagship APS-C camera and planning something different for the X-Pro range. This is similar to how Nikon went when they introduced the D300 as their flagship APS-C and then never made another full-body APS-C DSLR.

At present i'm perfectly content with my X-E1 as it has good image quality, small size, good lenses, etc. So i'm not wanting for FF, however if Fuji do manage to squeeze a FF sensor in to a X-Pro body and keep the lens sizes only marginally bigger to make up the FF image circle, then i think it would be only a matter of time until i succumb to its offering.

How would everyone else feel if they did this, especially those with a complete or nearly complete XF lens collection? Would you simply be logical and accept that the X-E... line still suits your needs or would you be too tempted to sell up (at a likely large loss) and switch sides?

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