My first M34 camera

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My first M34 camera

I just bought the GF6 as my first micro 3/4 camera a few days ago, and I bought the black version with the new 14-42mm 3.5-5.6 II lens on it. One of the reasons why I select the GF6 is due to I had very good results from another Panasonic: the SZ15, it is a terrific small compact camera with 16x optical zoom. When I don’t have the space and energy to bring my full frame DSLR to a trip, I always bring the SZ15 with me recently. It is very pocket-able while it can produce much better pictures than any mobile phones.

First I have to say that I had high expectation on the GF6 as it costs ($465 USD) about twice of what I paid for the SZ15, and it is a newer camera. After a few days of playing with the camera, here is my first impression of this small camera.

Good parts:

· Decent results from the new 14-42 3.5-5.6 II kit lens

· Very fast autofocus speed

· Very convenient operation through the 3 inches LCD touch screen

· Convenient Tilting LCD screen

· Many interesting onboard imaging effects and filters (I like the star filter!)

· Very convenient of the Wifi function

Not so good parts:

· The panorama mode is not as smooth as the SZ15, and it makes funny noise during the operation (although the results can be similar as the SZ15)

· High ISO results are not so good, better to use a faster lens when shooting at the low light conditions

For the price I paid for the GF6, I can buy the extremely popular Sony RX100 for $130 more. The RX100 has a much faster and wider zoom range lens and I believe due to that factor alone, for most of the cases the RX100 probably would outperform the GF6 with kit lens. However, GF6 can be used with some very high caliber lenses such as the Panasonic/Leica 25mm 1.4 lens. I have seem excellent results from my friend with the 25 1.4 lens.


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