What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: Worth repeating

Marty4650 wrote:

CFynn wrote:

Body price is only a small part of the equation. Sony charge relatively high prices for lenses and other things - that soon mounts up if you want to build a whole system.

There seems to be a euphoric hysteria caused by the fact that the Sony A7 is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than a Nikon D610.

This euphoria is based on two assumptions that I think are false:

  1. FF buyers are value shoppers
  2. The size, weight and cost of lenses doesn't matter

There is also a real question as to whether these "value minded" high end users will be satisfied with a very limited lens selection of very expensive lenses, or if they will buy small cameras that require the use of large lenses paired with large, heavy, and expensive adapters?

WTF IS that thing?!

You would certainly look pretty foolish lugging that around - and it looks like the sort of thing that costs a fair bit and breaks easily.

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