Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

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Re: Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

jagge wrote:

Its getting more and more clear to me that its all in the lenses. I have the 20 mm 1.7 and now just got the 45 mm 1.8. While the 1.8 is great its clear to me that I have to try the 25 mm 1.4 as a possible change from the 20 mm 1.7. I do find that I can get good subject isolation with the 45 mm BUT it comes at the price of composing "environmental portraits" is very dificult, due to the narrow angle of view.

What I would really love is a f 1.2 and if not possible a f 1.4 15 mm. I dont get why they make it 1.7, the only reason i can see is that it is technically very difficult to make it faster. BUT can that truly be ? The voiglander makes 0.95 lenses. Anyhow I guess the 42 mm 1.2 will be amazing, but I guess also very very expensive. The crux of the M43 system is the prices, especially of glass.

Anyhow I think that 2.8 is to slow for almost anything in the m43. So why are there only ONE, that is 1 lense that offers 1.4 with AF in the whole system, its very strange to me. Faster glass would leviate the only "shortcoming" of m43 in my view.

I am just disapointed that the 15 mm is not at least 1.4

What do you guys think ?

Best wishes


Obviously you want faster glass, thus you accept larger kit. Just buy 6D and 50 F1.4, 85 F1.8, 135 F2, anf Sigma 35 F1.4. You will never look back.

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