RX10 lens quality?

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Re: RX10 lens quality?

The devil’s in the detail (that the lens can resolve)

RX10 is a very compelling proposition. Having used an RX100 for over a year now I know I don’t really need FF or even APS-C, since the 1” sensor is almost as good for all practical purposes barring printing poster size. 24-200mm/F2.8 is pretty much all I will ever need given the possibility to crop and pan.

On the other hand, it no longer has the size advantage that RX100 has over comparable competition. GX7 + 14-140mm/F4-5.8 is about same size and weight as well as price.


So the devil is in the detail that the lens is capable of resolving.

I’m waiting anxiously to see the verdict.

GX7 plus 14-140 is similar in size and lenses are similarly versatile I guess, though if I'm going with a single lens, just personally I'd rather have 24-200 than 28-280, only because I really love the wider fov more than the 20% extra reach. Esp. when it lets me get 3 cm away in focus. I think the GX7 combo costs much more, though not an order of magnitude more. I suspect the GX7 will drop faster though because it's competing in a very competitive area and it's hard to stand out, even though I love the design.

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