E-M1 vs. A7 -- which should I get?

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Re: E-M1 vs. A7 -- which should I get?

hi, when the A7announced, i was trying to sell all my gear to upgrade for it. but it is a lit bit hard to get rid of all the m43 gears i have,em5, 1235,25,20,45. later on, one of my friends asking me about camera, so ofcource i push him on A7, but then i reallize what is the problem.

where is the lens?

for people who do not like MF, or try to catch the kids, which lens to chose?

yes,sony will bring in more lens in2014 and 2015, but when? how fast?what is the price?$1000each lense?

and as what sony did on nex, for last 3 years, from nex3, nex5, nex5n,nex 7,nex6,nex5r, that means, next two years A7will be A8,A9,Maybe A10, so,if you buy a A7now and without many choise of lens, why not waiting for 2015 to get A9?

that is just my opinions

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