Fujifilm X-A1 or Sony NEX 5R/T

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oly-pl1 wrote:

"photographing kids in the family"

buy Sony (simply because of AF)

You should also consider e-pl5 (superb AF, in-body stabilization)

Image quality is the same (small prints, web)

If the X-A1 AF system is anything like the Fujifilm X-M1 (and it's likely 100% identical), it's quite fast, more than fast enough to capture kids playing in the yard or doing some kind of athletics.

Fujifilm X-M1 AF Demo


The X-A1 comes with a far better kit lens than the Sony 5T. The Sony doesn't even ship with the 18-55 kit anymore, but it includes the absolutely terrible 16-50 PZ.  I've used this lens back when I took a chance in the Sony NEX 3N.  Needless to say I lasted 4 weeks before I sold both the camera and lens on Ebay for a loss.  I would not recommend any kit that featured the Sony 16-50 PZ.  If you shoot uncorrected RAW, the distortion is a whopping 8% at 16mm, almost a fisheye.

And in general, the overall lens lineup for Fujifilm is far stronger especially since most of the decent Sony lenses are astronomically priced Zeiss branded lenses.

And more superficially, the X-A1 is a far nicer looking camera.

That said, there are only a couple of reasons to prefer the Sony 5T:

  • if you need an eye level VF, the 5T accepts an add-on EVF.  
  • if you are interested in video, the Sony tends to do video very well, although I haven't tested the 5T to see if it has some of the moire / aliasing issues of some of the other NEX cameras.  The 3N I had was not a good video camera at all because of extremely strong moire and aliasing. 

So overall, the X-A1 kit is really hard to beat for the price.  It's anywhere from $100-150 less than the 5T kit, and it comes with the excellent Fujinon 16-50.  And 35 f/1.4 which you mention is just an amazing lens, to me reason enough to buy into the Fujifilm X system.

Best of luck, Markus

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