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Re: Preaching to the choir

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

I think I was perfectly clear why I do NOT consider Sony an option. As for any determination of FF it comes from having owned a D700 prior to shoulder surgery, at which point I elected to downsize. Mft was the direction I took and it served me well. The EM1 was a logical path from a EM5, but now I've had some time as I await its arrival, it's got me thinking....that's all. I would just like to be secure in knowing that if I decide to shoot higher ISO or in dark conditions what will give me the best results.

If it's a choice between the EM-1 and D610, and you can physically deal with the size/weight of the larger body and lenses, then the 610 is the better choice for what you want to do it seems. The only question at that point then is whether it has any critical QC issues, and we won't know that until it gets out into the real world and people put it to task.

That said, if I was buying a FF camera right now, I'd pick the 6D. This is coming from someone who's been shooting Nikon FF (D3) w/ pro glass for the last five years. My reasoning is based on this:

1) I simply don't trust Nikon enough at this point to want to invest any reasonable amount of money into their bodies. If the D610 ends up not having any issues, great, then I'll reconsider them. But based on current events, not too encouraged at this point.

2) The 6D is very similar IQ-wise to my D3 (and your D700), but with higher MP, similar noise and improved DR from 1600 on. From 100 to 1600, the D610 has much better DR than the 6D, but everything else is reasonably similar. My D3 has been fine IQ-wise as far as I'm concerned, so the 6D's better MP and high-ISO DR are enough for me to be satisfied.

3) The 6D's AF will focus in lower light (-3EV) than the D610 (and the D3/D700), with the trade off being potentially lower AF tracking performance, though I've seen few complaints from user reports. The D610 will have a more flexible AF, but for my needs the 6D's is enough and I still have my D3 when/if I need more. Which is better for you depends on what you shoot.

4) I like the wifi features of the 6D and would find them useful.

5) I think the size/weight/feel of it is better than the 600/610s, but I could live with either just fine.

All of this, of course, is based on my needs and the fact that the 6D would be a secondary body to my D3, so I'm willing to make some concessions. What's best for you may be different, but I tend to think the 6D is a more reliable, proven body. The downside is having two systems to deal with when the D610 would make an convenient backup as I already have lenses etc. for it. Still, I don't trust Nikon at this point, like I said. If you've completely removed the 6D from the picture then cool, I would get the D610, but maybe the 6D is worth reconsidering.

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