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Re: Jumping ship?

dougjgreen1 wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The E-PL5 is not my favorite body because it's so small but the GX7 looks terrific. And a simple three lens kit on a small rangefinder type body sounds more interesting (and more fun) for most of the images.

I bought the E-PL5 BECAUSE it's so small. BTW, with the MCG-2 grip and the VF-2, it handles like a bigger camera.

If I had purchased those items I might still have my E-PL5. But I was expecting it to be more like the GX1 in size and feel. I guess I wasn't prepared for how tiny it is. Small has it's advantages, but portability has never been high on my list of priorities. My GH2, and the GX1 I used to own is about as small and lightweight as I need.

I find the size of the RX10 to be it's major disadvantage.

+1. I can't believe that some in this thread are arguing that an almost 2 lb. camera with an even smaller sensor and less IQ should be interesting specifically to m43 users.  After all the discussions about "boat anchor DSLRs". It's like down is up and up is down.  

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