Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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Re: Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

MrFlash wrote

And on the subject of lenses - Fuji glass is exceptional. Sony lenses have been called many things - exceptional is not one of them. The Sony FE system may eventually offer some Zeiss glass and it will be excellent, big, heavy and very expensive.

Er... Didn;t they come out with a couple of Zeiss primes at launch????

If I was obsessed with the idea of FF, I would still be lugging my Canon stuff around.

Sorry, but there is no absolutely no logic to this statement.  The whole point of A7r is FF sensor in the size and weight hat is manageable.  Sure you are not willing to trade off the FF image quality for the disadvantages of lugging around a FF SLR.  Doesn't the A7r (which is I think is smaller than Xpro-1) change the trade-off completely.

The typical Fuji fanboys will of course  dismiss the Sony FF effort as another failed NEX and will swear that FF is bogus.  So why'd you guy your Canon DSLR at the first place? Before A7 came out Fuji was the IQ king in small camera world and had a plausible claim for the best bang for a buck for people who could not afford a Leica. Looks like that situation has changed.  Now the question people will be asking is why they should buy an APS-C Fuji over the FF Sony.  Time will tell is the Xtrans, OVF, and some good glass could sway that argument (m43 has some terrific glass too, but that didn;t help their market share).  I am not selling my Fuji, but if I were choosing the system now, I would have had a much more difficult choice than a month ago.   And, BTW, Fuji better fix the abysmal video capabilities of their bodies.  Its not that I am a videographer, but these days if you pay almost $1000 for lenses, you damn well should have an ability to capture decent moving images through them.  My P/S takes better video than my Pro1- that's simply inexcusable for a $1,500+ camera body.

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