What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

OP says "For me investing on a Full-frame make more sense long term... I know micro four-thirds have a better lens line up and is more established but hey, if I consider buying a E-M1 today why not just invest the money for a Full frame? or am I missing something here?"

If going FF is your ultimate goal, then you are not missing anything.  However a lot of folks (myself included) came to m4/3 as a result of moving AWAY from DSLRs, both FF and cropped sensor.  Mirrorless FF won't hold a lot of appeal for folks like me.  Size/weight is what drove me away from DSLRs.  I briefly considered NEX but the skinny body fat and heavy lens form factor put me off and the same holds true for the new Sony FF mirrorless.  The genius of m4/3 is the small body and small lens double feature.  I can carry my standaround carry kit in a much smaller and lighter bag with m4/3 than my old DSLR kit and the bonus is all my m4/3 lenses are faster than the comparable DSLR lenses.

Another poster strains to compare higher aperture lenses for Sony FF (f4 lenses) with the fast lenses in m4/3 and oddly concludes that m4/3 is comparably big/heavy or bigger/heavier.  Still waiting to see what a 120mm f2.8 macro will spec out at for Sony FF mirrorless.  Ditto on a 150 1.8 portrait or a 90mm 1.8 portrait lens.  Or a 24mm f2.  Sony might be able to get close in the normal range (a 50mm 1.4 or 35mm 1.8 or a 40mm 1.7) but even there I am doubtful.

So if FF is you desire or your goal, by all means get the new Sony and skip m4/3 as an intermediate step.

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