Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

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Re: the colors do rock

That's the real reason to favor it. The difference in focal length, FOV and aperture are small, but the color and contrast are definitely more special on the 25. I also use as my 'big flower' lens, where the dynamite color and contrast pay the bills.

Note that both of these were shot at f2.5+ for depth-of-field reasons. The times you can actually use f1.7 or 1.4 - much less 1.2 - are few indeed.


sounds great with the colors :0)

While I do get the point about not using it full open when you are very close to the subject, that makes a lot of sense, BUT at normal working distance to human subjects, I do find that I use my 45 mm 1.8 and 20 mm 1.7 almost exclusively full open, all the time.

I have yet to find that DOF was to narrow, it has been to wide on a lot of occasions. Maybe I really should get a fullframe :0).

Best wishes


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