XE-2 w/ 18-55m & Which Prime?

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Re: XE-2 w/ 18-55m & Which Prime?

Rob Donchez wrote:

I'm pretty convinced I am going to make the move to the Fuji X system and have preordered the XE-2 with the 18-55mm kit lens. I would like to get at least one more lens initially. Which prime would be considered the must have lens? Thanks.

Why do you think you need a Prime lens as a second lens?  A good second lens would be the 55-200 Or the new 10-24 when available. With this you will be covered very well.

The only reason to get a Prime lens initially is for a special need so the 60 mm macro would be useful for many things as a duel purpose lens.  The 14,23,and 35 and nice lenses but you can shoot faster with a zoom.

A prime lens is all that lens will ever be and that makes it limiting.  If you had three or four primes and a zoom that can cover the same thing I know the primes usually stay home.  The only reason now for Primes is because Fuji does not have a selection of zoom lenses compared to other manufactures.

So to answer your question get the 14 prime if you are a landscape shooter, the 23 or 35 for general needs and the 60 mm for portraits and macro

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