XE-2 w/ 18-55m & Which Prime?

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Re: XE-2 w/ 18-55m & Which Prime?

Rob Donchez wrote:

I'm pretty convinced I am going to make the move to the Fuji X system and have preordered the XE-2 with the 18-55mm kit lens. I would like to get at least one more lens initially. Which prime would be considered the must have lens? Thanks.

18mm is not particularely wide, so if you are into landscapes or cityscapes, then the 14/2.8 would be a great companion! I took the zoom, plus 60/2.4 (hardly used this one) on a trip to Indonesia and actually used the 14mm more than the zoom. Why? Because the excellent optical quality across the frame makes this a very versatile lense.

In contrast to many others here, the 35mm never really appealed to me, a quick check on 10K photos taken with the 18-55 zoom revealed that I would hardly take any pictures around the 50mm (in full frame) mark. The 50mm is neither a wide angle, nor a portrait, but reflects what some refer to as the "natural" aspect ration you get when you look through a piece of glass. This might or might not appeal to you.

Here is a shot taken with the 14mm, opens up the sky without bending the horizon:



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