What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

Yes, what IS the best camera for taking photos of kids, dogs, cats and Disneyland? It is imperative that these images can be blown up to go on advertising hoardings at have at least 95% sharpness in the corners when shot at 14mm.....You WILL bemoan the fact that you can't do that when you are old and grey and looking at those memories...(or maybe you'll bemoan the fact that you have less memories because the camera was too heavy to be bothered to carry it...!)

So many people lining up to spend money on the camera equivalent of a Ferrari when they could actually be perfectly happy in terms of results with a Ford Mondeo (and spend the money saved on workshops to get better or on going places to get more memories...)

I think a lot of money could be saved if people were better at balancing what they need with what the marketers tell them they want...! Possibly also some buyers who still think a 'better' camera will make them a 'better' photographer.

Or at least being honest and admitting it has at least as much to do with bragging rights as it does with the end result.

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