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Re: Jumping ship?

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

But the m43 system can't be tailored to exactly what i personally need. I need a weather sealed kit that goes from 24-200mm and doesn't make a huge dent in my backpack or hand luggage. The closest thing is the EM5 with the 2 panny zooms, and that takes up considerably more space than an RX10, and requires me changing lenses when I'm out in inclement weather, which not having to do would be great.

The fact is, Most folks need something that's slightly different, and for ANYTHING that's the least bit different, you can't change the RX10 to meet what is needed. Just about EVERYONE who shoots in inclement weather will occasionally need wider than 24mm, or longer than 200mm. Or faster than f2.8. If you NEVER do, then go ahead and buy the RX10.

The Sony RX100 is very successful, and it's an even more limited tradeoff.   Not everyone needs or is willing to deal with / pay for the ultimate flexibility in a system.   If they were, we'd probably all be using FF cameras because they have the best range of lens options available.

For an all-in-one package, the RX10 covers a pretty decent range with image quality closer to M43 than to the small-sensor cameras, and that combination hits a sweet spot for some users.   That's no different than M43 hitting a sweet spot for others who want the flexibility that interchangeable lenses bring to the table.

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