Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

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Re: Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

I'm also really excited about the SX50HS. the thing that got me interested about the camera was Lilian Stokes article about bird photography with the SX50 HS.

Since this is the first camera with such a high telephoto lens -- that also gives you clean usable pics at the telephoto end, i thought the successor must be worth looking into. of course, it would have a Digic 6 processor. it may have better video and focusing speeds. But in my opinion, the real (and obvious) forte of this camera is it's ability to take clean telephoto shots. i think canon should yield a bit on the wide-angle end and gain more lens power on the telephoto end (for eg. 28 - 1400 mm) I'm sure a good percentage of people interested in birding and wild life photography would want to have such a camera as at least their secondary camera.

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