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Re: Jumping ship?

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$1400 buys a lot of good primes and a decent large sensor camera. YMMV.

I don't have any interest in the RX10 *but* I gotta say, it's a decent value proposition. For $1400, what decent large sensor camera (with an EVF) can you buy, and still have money left over for good primes that come close to covering the focal range of the RX10?

Here's what I bought:

E-PL5 plus VF-2 $450

14mm f2.5 $140

20mm f1.7 $300

40-150mm $140

Legacy 50mm f1.7 Konica $20

Legacy 200mm f3.5 Vivitar $30

Adapters: $20

Total cost: $1090 mix of new and mint condition used gear,

I would contend that my system is better in every way except for 28mm equivalent at the wide end.

For you maybe. For me it is lacking any kind of sealing, is slower at the long end where i find it more important (both in real terms and in equivalance) I imagine isn't as good ergonomically (obviously I can't tell this for chain having not handled the RX10 but I normally don't get on well with interchangeable lens soap bar shaped cameras).

On top of all that I can't imagine as a kit it is much, if any lighter, and takes up much more space, a big factor for me considering the amount of outdoor pursuits I like to do. Yes you can drop down to just one prime but then you have 1/200th of the focal range of the RX10 and perspective is something I like to be able to manipulate in my images.

Oh yea, and no 1080p60, or mic socket, or headphone socket, or focus peaking or... I'm sure you get the idea.

Now I'm not saying all (or any) of this matters to you, just pointing out its wrong to claim in absolute terms that your kit is better than a RX10.

Actually, it's NOT slower at the long end. A 50mm f1.7 legacy lens is effectively a 100mm f1.7 lens on M4/3. A 200mm f3.5 is effectively twice as long and effectively faster,

And say i want to shoot at 200mm effective?

If I shoot 100mm, and crop it to the size of the RX10's sensor, I have 200mm f1.7 effective

You'll end up with a 4m image unless I'm very much mistaken, good luck printing that to any appreciable size.

Alternatively, I could just as easily use my slower 40-150mm zoom, if I don't need the faster aperture of the prime.

And then have less DoF control.

And the reason that my kit is lighter is that I only take with me the stuff I will use on a given shooting occasion. What I most often carry with me is 1 or 2 pancake lenses, a tiny light tele zoom, and a 50mm f1.7. That kit actually still is lighter than an RX10.

I'm not a fan of doing that tbh. I like to have at least 24-200mm covered with me when I go out shooting.

What if you needed 300mm, or 400mm covered? Or 15mm extreme wide covered? You'd be S-O-L with the RX10. I'm not. And unlike the RX10 owner, I can tailor what I carry with me. I'm not a fan of carrying one bulky heavy camera that still might not be able to cover the range I need.

When I'm out and about i never find i need them, and with m43 it's not like I'd carry around a lens that long on the off chance i might.

Yes it's not weather sealed - because I don't care for it to be. If I wanted weather sealed, I'd have paid $200 more for an OM-D EM-5, but I don't value it. But if I DID value it, I easily could have bought weather sealed instead, for just a bit more.

It wouldn't have been just a bit more though, because absolutely none of your lenses are weather sealed.

Again, not something I value at all - BTW, I own a weather sealed DSLR and lens - I never use it in bad enough weather to be concerned about, and never did.

Good for you. I live in Scotland and have a waterproof jacket that costs £350 and still can't stand up to all the rain I've been in. I'm not saying I'd take a camera out in that, but I consider weather proofing to be a very important factor,

Honestly, most folks who actually NEED weather-sealed gear are buying Pro-level systems that costs many thousands of dollars, not a fixed-lens 1" sensor camera.

Really, cos i know plenty of hikers and mountaineers who need weather sealed gear if they actually want to be able to take pictures, and the only ones bothering to carry pro level gear are the ones who, funnily enough, are pros.

I also don't need nor care about any video features, and I have no problem focusing my manual lenses without focus peaking. If I wanted those features, I could also have bought them in Micro 4/3.

The idea I get is that I bought a far more flexible, powerful system, with higher IQ, for less money, in M4/3.

Which lacks a huge number of things I look for in a system. I understand not everyone has the same needs, I just also get fed up of people like you saying x system is better in every way.

It certainly lacks far fewer things than the RX10 does. And everything MY M4/3 system lacks, I can buy and add it to my system if I actually need them. You can't do that with the RX10 - it's a finite, fixed configuration.

Again, lacks things maybe for you. For what i like to do your system lacks a whole lot more. How can you not grasp this, I'm not saying the RX10 is better for you, I'm just saying it is potentially better for a lot of people. Myself included.

You can't seriously be claiming that the entirety of the Micro 4/3 system, and every option that it offers, is not VASTLY more complete and flexible than the RX10 is.

God only knows how you got that out of what i wrote.

Because if that's your claim, you're delusional. The fact is, with an interchangeable lens SYSTEM that has a range of bodies and a range of lenses, you can tailor it to exactly what you personally need. I don't see how anyone could POSSIBLY do that with the RX10.

But the m43 system can't be tailored to exactly what i personally need. I need a weather sealed kit that goes from 24-200mm and doesn't make a huge dent in my backpack or hand luggage. The closest thing is the EM5 with the 2 panny zooms, and that takes up considerably more space than an RX10, and requires me changing lenses when I'm out in inclement weather, which not having to do would be great.

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