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marike6 wrote:

larsbc wrote:

marike6 wrote:

$1400 buys a lot of good primes and a decent large sensor camera. YMMV.

I don't have any interest in the RX10 *but* I gotta say, it's a decent value proposition. For $1400, what decent large sensor camera (with an EVF) can you buy, and still have money left over for good primes that come close to covering the focal range of the RX10?

I don't think there are any mirrorless primes covering the range of the RX10. The Olympus 75 f/1.8 is the longest mirrorless telephoto I can think of.

But for most hobbyists, unless you are shooting birds or shy critters telephoto work can mostly be done with a variable zoom. Besides, for most applications that need a telephoto - wildlife, birds, some sports, etc - 200mm as with the RX10 is kind of short.

Nice range of lengths for landscapes and people though which is what i mainly shoot.

But $1400 buys a heck of a lot of great cameras. For example, I just bought a brand new Fujifilm X-E1 / 18-55 f/2.8-4 kit for $999. Fujinon lenses are a bit expensive, but extra $400 gets me a used 35 f/1.4 (or a 2/3rd of the price of a new 35 f/1.4) or over half the price of the excellent XF 55-200 3.5-4.8 OIS zoom. So once I get the 55-200, I'll have 27-305mm covered with superb IQ in an extremely enjoyable camera.

And enjoyably camera, with a kit bigger than the RX10 and also missing plenty of features which i find quite intriguing.

$1400 also gets you a beautiful new GX7 kit with a 20 f/1.7. A GH3 with a kit lens. so now you have a more capable still camera and a professional level video camera.

Have te  gh3... likely selling it to fund a RX10

You can also get an EM5 kit, and EM-1 body, or an EP-5 - VF4 kit. And most m43 users, to which the OP is addressing with his post, already own some m43 lenses presumably.

$1400 also gets you a refurbished Nikon D600 or Canon 6D, and it gets you very close to a Sony A7 / 28-70 kit.

All of the above kits with mix of inexpensive kit lenses and a couple of primes can cover 90% of what most people shoot, but will offer more versatility in focal lengths, access to the huge variety of lenses including specialty lenses like 1:1 Macro, Fisheyes, tilt-shift, etc. And crucially for some, all of the above cameras provide far better IQ particularly in low-light, high ISO shooting where the RX10 actually performs worse than first generation 12 mp m43 cameras like the Panasonic GF1.

I don't know many m43 users who want to go back to GF1 type high ISO images. Then there is the issue of DOF control.

You can still blur backgrounds enough that your subject stands out quite easily. Yes you can't absolute annihilate them into one big smudge but I've never much liked that look anyways. If you want to do that then by all means, dont get an RX10.

High ISO was never a reason for me upgrading my m43 cameras (and I started with a g2) so that factor really doesn't bother me much either. Again, some people are different, in which case don't buy the RX10.

The RX100 is pocketable so it actually makes a nice second camera. The RX10 is DSLR sized camera weighing in at close to 2 lbs, and it's extremely expensive. I could see first time buyers maybe giving the RX10 a try, but I don't see it as a great backup or second body, but who knows. Everybody has different needs and budgets. Cheers.

I'm having it as my first body tbh but hey ho.

I can see why a lot of people won't be interested in it, i just don't see why people refuse to see if fills a niche which until now has gone unfilled.

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