What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

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The E-M1 has more of a "pro" build. Shutter life is longer, weather proofing extensive, the whole camera can be dropped

Can it? I've yet to see anyone perform that test.

Risky test to perform on any camera, many variables apply (height, surface it drops on, angle...). But a camera more solidly built has more of a chance to survive that fall than one with a more standard build

Onece I dropped an Olympus E-410 on a stone floor from 1 m. height and all that happened was a filter dented.

Seems that some in the verdant lands of the Neanderthals welcome these simple tests. The rest is too complicated.


My old E620 was on a small tripod and flipped and tumbled to the floor, from a height of 5 feet or so. The camera was fine, but I think the 12-60 lens attached to it broke its fall. The lens was also fine though I think it zooms on the telephoto end slightly harder now.

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