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I compared it to what I can buy as an alternative

larsbc wrote:

dougjgreen1 wrote:

larsbc wrote:

marike6 wrote:

$1400 buys a lot of good primes and a decent large sensor camera. YMMV.

I don't have any interest in the RX10 *but* I gotta say, it's a decent value proposition. For $1400, what decent large sensor camera (with an EVF) can you buy, and still have money left over for good primes that come close to covering the focal range of the RX10?

Here's what I bought:

Okay, if you're talking about used gear, then I'm out of this discussion. But perhaps you should have mentioned that in your original assertion. I also don't think someone looking at an RX10 would be interested in manually focusing old glass.

And until I can get a used RX10, I can only compare the cost of a new one. And since I usually buy used gear, that's what I compared it to. Right now, a used RX10 probably costs the same as a new one.

And my point in comparing legacy lenses is that I use them when they make sense to use them. All the more reason I won't buy a camera that doesn't have interchangeable lenses as my primary camera.

The fact is, buying a fixed lens camera precludes all sorts of options that otherwise exist in the marketplace.

Notice, though, that I DIDN'T compare it to the $1300-1400 price point.  My mint used + new gear cost under $1100

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