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Re: pixel density

It was taken off for being useless. Why? three reasons:

Firstly, that even if you cared for pixel-level performance, what you care about is pixel size, not density, and technologies such as BSI send any density -> size relationship to the trashbin.

Secondly, the fact that sensors continue to improve their pixel-level performance, even for the same size. The 20 Mpx Sony A58 kicks the almighty rear off the 10 Mpx A100, both with APS-C sensors -- of course that's cheating a bit since one's a CMOS and the other's a CCD, but then that's the point.

And most importantly, because pixel-level performance is largely irrelevant for image-level detail -- what you should actually care about. All else equal, four noisy pixels from a 36 Mpx camera will perform together just as well (or poorly) as a single 'clean' pixel from a 9 Mpx sensor due to the wonders of Signal Processing theory.

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