Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

Dave Luttmann wrote:

I asked for the samples to which you refer so I can assist. Is there a reason why you are ignoring the request?

and in another reply,

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Are you saying other people now have access to your profile?

In a previous reply, the OP wrote that he is a "professional photographer" who doesn't log out of his DPReview account when he's finished using it, he's one of three brothers and his youngest brother is responsible for most of the posts here. In two followup replies he added "I only shoot Jpeg and I hate post-processing. I only PP when I absolutely have to." and "Well my brothers are lazy in a sense, and I always leave myself logged in at Dpreview so they just use my screen name."

Laziness is apparently a family trait. While there are some pros that don't PP and shoot only JPEG, and because he refuses to post the images he's concerned about despite requests by you and several others to do so indicates that the OP is only here to vent his annoyances about his camera's respective default JPEG settings even though he probably wasn't aware that this was at the root of the detail differences. There are "pros" and there are "pros". Some are willing to learn and grow. Others are too lazy to change the status quo, and so it goes...

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