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Re: RX10 Sample images

jim stirling wrote:

The image quality gap between the RX10/100mk2 is signifcantly smaller than the gap between mFT and the best APS|0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28appareil2%29/865|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon/%28appareil3%29/793|0/%28brand3%29/Olympus

As for the lens size difference that rather depends on whether you compare effective apertures. .Which you invariably do when you mention the RX10 . F/1.8 on Nikon APS has the same effect as F/1.2 on mFT

That's complete nonsense.  All you've shown is that the gap in the measured DxOMark is smaller.  Claiming that that specific test metric directly equates to Image Quality in it's entirety is laughable.

If you really believe that the DxOMark score is a perfect or even nearly perfect proxy for everything that goes into image quality, I have a bridge to sell you between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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