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Re: I'd prefer more lenses with narrower range anyways

jim stirling wrote:I wouldnt have high hopes for the wide convertor ,it is faster at the wide end well with the 14mm anyway , the 40-150 is slightly slower { F4 vs effective F3.75 of the R10} at the wide end and over a stop slower { F5.6 vs effective F3.75 of the R10] at the long end. I think with your $900 calculation you may have forgotten to add in a weather sealed mFT body with built in EVF to match the R10 build.

I didn't forget the weather-sealed body - I don't value it. And you forgot all of the times where my M4/3 lenses are faster (and BTW, I own and use the 14mm and that Sony wide converter - the combo works fine). I didn't forget the EVF either - my E-PL5 has one, it weighs an ounce, and it was moved onto my E-PL5 from a prior generation M4/3 camera - try that with the EVF of the RX10. The fact is, I don't wish to have, and don't choose to have one big zoom. I prefer small primes, a small tele zoom, and the occasional fast legacy lens.

Believe me, I can very easily get an M43 lens set that I prefer to the one on the RX10 for $900. In fact, I have one now, that I paid under $900 for (excluding my 7-14mm lens, that does things for me that I could not approach on an RX10). The fact is, the lens on the RX10 is stuck with it's sensor forever. The fact is, my M43 lenses are already on their 2nd generation of sensors. Some of my legacy primes have been with me for 35 years, across multiple film bodies prior to being used on multiple generations of sensors. That's what I mean by preserving an investment in lenses. All of that is lost when buying a camera with a fixed lens, where the vast majority of the expense is in the lens, but the lens' lifespan is necessarily limited to that of the camera and it's sensor.

Oh, and every once in a while, I put a legacy 300mm or 400mm lens on my M4/3 cameras (which is an effective 600mm or 800mm). I don't see a lot of options for doing that on an RX10.

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