OMD EM5, would you buy again

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Re: if not for the EM-1 yes

Brian Wadie wrote:

I'm an even older "old fart" but having got used to the menu, small squidgy buttons etc I would have been in the market for a 2nd one, only the EM-1 came along and I've got that instead

Not sure why you are getting such poor battery life but I can understand how frustrating that must be. for me its typically 500+ with in excess of 1000/ charge when shooting large numbers of sequence shots (for example I got 2000+ shots out of 1 fully depleted and one part depleted battery , still showing all green on the charge indicator, when shooting a m'cycle race meet last Saturday)

The EM-1 is even more of a must have for me after some 6000 shots of evaluation

I have to agree with you, I have the EM5, but if I had to make the purchase it all over again, I would have to say that I would not purchase it.  I have the EM1, and if I would have to make a second purchase, it would be a second EM1.  I have no problem with the battery life, I have the grip on both cameras and have placed a fully charged battery in both the camera and grip.  I have rather large fingers and I do not have a problem with the buttons on either camera.  I do not carry my camera on a shoulder strap, but rather with a hand grip.

As for the EM1 being a must have camera, I also have to agree with that statement as well.  The only other thing that I would like to have is the 14-40 2.8 and that is on pre-order.

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