Loaner A65 = Blurry Pics (Help Please)

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Loaner A65 = Blurry Pics (Help Please)

Hi all… I guess I've been shooting too much, because after about 25,000 shots, my A37 shutter got stuck closed. I sent it off to Sony for warranty repair, and they were kind enough to send me a loaner, an A65.

Excited to try out the higher resolution, faster burst, and larger buffer on BIF, I headed out and thought I got some pretty good shots, and then came home and went through shot after shot of blurry, mis-focused pics.

Now, I'm not the greatest nature photographer by a long shot, but I had gotten MUCH sharper results with my A37 and the same lens (Sony 55-300). True, the 55-300 can be slow to focus and I would sometimes miss shots completely while it hunted, but in this case it actually locked onto something (or it wouldn't have taken the pics!). But what? In some of these shots, it isn't focused on ANYTHING.

All of these were taken at 1/1,000th of a second or above (like I normally do), Steadyshot on, using center zone focus AF-S and re-locking focus and taking 2-4 shot bursts. The only difference from my normal shooting is (using Zackiedawg's advice), I tried center zone focus (5 points in the middle), which theoretically is harder to nail, but should give more accurate results if you DO center the bird (instead of sometimes focusing on the background off to the side). Note all these shots are uncropped, untouched, I just had to reduce resolution slightly for upload.

Some of the pics are sorta OK viewed small, but blown up are very soft. Is that just the 24 MP sensor? But some are completely out of focus. Any ideas here? Did Sony send me a dud? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for the advice...

Totally blurry, yet the bird was pretty centered. It's not focused on the head/eye, not on the wingtips, not on the feet, not on the background. What did it focus on??

The most annoying one of all. I thought this would have been a really nice shot (for me, anyway). Both birds, in nice poses, filling the frame, nicely centered, and … what did this focus on??

Not terrible, but too soft to be a keeper when viewed at anything larger than web sizes.

Same. And it should have been able to at least focus on the leading edge of the wing if not the eye -- but that part is blurry too.

OK, now if this bird was glued to a wall it would be hard for me to nail the eye more directly in the center of the frame. Viewed small it looks sorta OK, but it's really not very sharp at all.

As a P.S., I know this lens is capable of much sharper results, even on this A65 (I tested it later on a tripod and it was tack sharp.) Here's a recent pic with it on my A37.

The lens is sharp. So is something wrong with the AF?

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