What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: Obviously, they'll implode

Thorgrem wrote:

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These cameras can not possibly coexist. As soon an the first m4/3 adapter is available everyone will instantly use them on their new a7. Olympus will have no choice but to take the honorable way out.


APS-C NEX gets limited to 10-15MP in crop mode on the A7(r). M43 glass are designed to accomodate a smaller sensor than APS-C. Yeah, people will rush to buy a 1500 dollar camera just to get an adapter to shoot at 6-10MP with m43 glass.

FF is a do-over. If (and it's a pretty big if) Oly goes FF, they have to go full in with new glass. Otherwise, why bother?

It also seems that everyone things this E-mount ff is going to be a huge hit on the market.

Time will tell but Sony didn't manage to take a significant marketshare for A-mount ff or even A-mount APS-C. The also didn't manage to demolish m4/3 with E-mount APS-C like a lot of people thought in the beginning of the mirrorless competition.

Time will tell, but I think m4/3 will do just fine on its own.

At least APS-C NEX was competing with similar price points with m43.

A7 and the A7r are at price points well above and beyond any m43 camera. I can't imagine someone penny-pinching to get a GF6 or a EPM2 at 300 or 400 bucks only to then suddenly turn around and find 1700 bucks (minimum) for a A7.

While there's still some confusion and fear in the NEX community over Sony's direction with APS-C mirrorless, it would be foolish for Sony to "abandon" it. No matter how well the A7/A7r do, most of the Sony's mirrorless users will be using APS-C. It's just more affordable.

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