FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Noise reduction minus 2 and sharpening minus 2 was the first place I started, Sherm, based purely on a majority consensus I’d picked up from this forum over the last year. Ultimately proved too soft and smeared for me though!

I then left sharpening at default with noise reduction at minus 2. Too noisy for me, doubtlessly because as you say, the default sharpness is too sharp and exaggerates noise.

I then tried the infamous I-resolution with the same settings as first mention above. I’ve read that Gerald W is a fan of I-Res. Close inspection/pixel peeping, however, reveals that it’s obvious I-res is adding something (more artificial pixels?) to the overall resolution. It looks artificial to me in fur and feather but I’d guess would not be so obvious in images of buildings/trees/scenery and some people portrait stuff, beyond close-ups of their hair, of course.

The best setting I’ve thus far found for to my liking (and let’s face it, settings are personally subjective and relate to the subjects we shoot the most) are noise reduction minus 1 and sharpening minus 1. I doubt I’ll be employing I-res very often but I won’t be writing it off completely.

It’s too early for me to fully judge the FZ200 OOC Jpegs but I’m already with Gary S, who, like me, shoots lots of wildlife stuff and acknowledges that FZ200 images appear generally noisier than FZ150 shots. In some cases there may not be much in it, but from around 3,500 FZ200 images I’ve shot thus far, I’ve yet to see a jpeg that hasn’t required a little PP to get it to FZ150 standard. I won’t be giving in too quickly on in-camera fiddling though, as I hate post processing if it can be at all avoided. In this regard I’ve been well and truly spoiled by the FZ150.

Cheers for input…

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