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Re: RX10 Sample images

jim stirling wrote:

I have zero interest in default JPEG output from any camera large or small so I would use RAW anyway. Judging a camera by default JPEG output on a pre-production model taken in a rush are very far from what I would use to judge image quality.

I don't often shoot JPEG either but a ton of m43 shooters do, think "Oly JPEGs". But the main thrust of your argument in favor of the RX10 is convenience. I can tell you as a D800 owner, there is nothing at all convenient about processing large amounts of high resolution RAW files in Lightroom. Fortunately the D800 has usable JPEGs.  Judging by these PhotographyBlog RX10 samples, processing huge 20 mp RAWs is exactly what RX10 owners are going to be doing. So now the convenience argument is not seeming so strong.

The RX10 has the same sensor as the RX100, however the RX100 JPEGs I remember as being considerably better than the PhotographyBlog samples which are shockingly mushy.

Even at low ISO settings as early as ISO 200 NR is absolutely obliterating most of the detail (See the images of the brunette). I have to wonder why Sony is using so much NR. Perhaps the sensor performance not as good as the RX100 or RX100 II? Who knows, the fairly mediocre low light ability of the RX10 as shown by the samples doesn't it to stack up well against the 16 mp m43 PENs, OM and GH series cameras.

The original RX100 scored 390 ISO on DxOMark, the EM5 scores 812 ISO over 1 full stop better. The NEX APS-C cameras score around 1000 ISO, and a camera like the D7100 1264 ISO. The Fujifilm XTrans cameras haven't been tested by DxOMark, but they have incredibly good high ISO ability competitive with some of the older FF, the Leica M, and the Sony A99. Throw large aperture primes available in m43, Sony NEX and Fujifilm X cameras and the advantages over an RX100 or RX10 are even more dramatic.

And keep in mind an f/2.8 max aperture of the RX10 is not all that large compared to what is available in m43, APS-C and FF. Which means you'll be cranking up ISO, and hitting that point of compromise in terms of IQ.

Even the $400 Sony A3000 seems to produce images of much higher quality than the what I've seen from the RX10. Better DOF control, and much cleaner files. A comparison of the A3000 portraits of the girl in the below link with the PhotographyBlog RX10 portraits is not at all favorable for the RX10.

Anyway, I can see some being interested in the RX10, but I don't see any relation to the concept of Micro 43, and I don't agree at all that m43 users in particular should be interested in a camera like the RX10.

All the best and happy shooting, Markus

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