FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

Joms, thanks for posting these examples. For OOC shots they look okay to me, assuming that they’re all taken at full zoom. It’s a shame that EXIF data is missing, as I would have had an instant idea of what the HS50 is capable of and what ISO and shutter speeds were used, etc. Anyway, I’ve no problem with your idea that the best way to drag consistency from the HS50 at the long end for birding is to shoot lots of images in continuous mode.

I’ve been using that method to good effect with FZ cameras for years, with an average return of 2 or 3 clear/detailed photos from every 6 or so when shooting shifty/twitchy little birds. If the HS50 can render a similar number of hits in similar circumstances I’d definitely be keen to have a closer look at the model in the shop. That said, I still wouldn’t commit to anything until I see what Canon might offer before the end of this month. Rumour suggests that they could be about to announce a replacement for the SX50 (or whatever their current 1200mm camera's called), maybe sometime this week.


I have posted the RAW version of those on page 1 with EXIF. They are all at full zoom and handheld. If you can get sharp photos at 600mm in your FZ150/FZ200, it's because the FL is shorter compared to HS50 and SX50. Now with FZ70, you'll have mixed results of soft and sharp shots depending on how stable you hands are. Even when I tested SX50, I've had mixed results too. And as I have said, I have no problems getting quality shots at full zoom with HS50. Finding HS and X-S1 cameras in a store is like finding FZ200. You can only find them in huge known stores. Good luck on finding your next camera. I just gave my honest opinion and proof here that HS50 is a very capable camera and most of the folks don't see that easily.

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