Some shots from a beginner

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The good part is that you are thinking. Photography is like any skill. You have to do it often and a lot to get better at it. Shoot, MOVE, shoot, MOVE. Sideways, up, down, around. Look, see. Stand in one place and just look for a minute. Sometimes the shot will appear if you stop shooting. Sounds strange, but sometimes you just have to BE in the place without shooting to actually see what the shot is.

The technical stuff is just the technical stuff. White walls are blown out, but just learn to use the histogram. Anyone can master the technical stuff. It's the seeing part that many people miss. You are close. Your comments reveal that you understand what you are trying to do.

How do you learn to be a better photographer? Shoot lots of photos. Also, go out with a good photographer, if possible. Watch him or her shoot. Talk with each other while you shoot. Sometimes you can tell what the photographer is thinking by watching him/her move. Shoot, MOVE, shoot. Each move reflects a thought, something seen, something opening up for another angle.

Also, look at really good photos and think about what makes them good. The angle, to be sure. Mostly, it's the light. Hand 10 people a copy of National Geographic magazine and ask them to pick the 10 best photos in that issue. Seven out of ten shots will be sidelit or backlit.

"F/8 and be there" still works. To take a picture of something beautiful or interesting, you have to stand in front of something beautiful or interesting.

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