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Re: I'd prefer more lenses with narrower range anyways

dougjgreen1 wrote:

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Henry Richardson wrote:

The Sony RX10 has the same 20mp sensor as the Sony RX100 II that is well thought of and it has an equivalent 24-200mm f2.8 Zeiss lens. Having a package that includes the equivalent of a 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 makes the $1200 price easier to take.

$1200 RX10


$1000 GX7
$1300 12-35mm f2.8
$1500 35-100mm f2.8

You can't change the lens on the RX10, but a lot of m4/3 people would be quite happy, I think, even if all they had were the 12-35mm and 35-100mm for their m4/3 camera.

I have read that the zoom-by-wire is poor because turning the zoom ring causes the focal length to change very slowly. Maybe that can be fixed in firmware? Still, this looks to be a very interesting camera. It isn't very small, but I can imagine that for some people this could be enticing. More dof, of course, than FF or APS-C and slightly more than m4/3, but that isn't a big deal for everyone.

I could see that some people might have an m4/3 body to use with a couple of fast single focal length lenses and the RX10 instead of buying the expensive 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses.

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Henry Richardson

How does the shutter latency, AF performance and burst performance compare to an M4/3 camera?In other words, is the shooting performance more like an interchangeable lens system camera, or rather, like a high end point and shoot?

Are there a high quality wide and tele converters for the lens? 24mm is not wide enough for me nor is 200mm long enough for this to be my exclusive camera.

This camera is BIG: It weighs 29 ounces - that's twice the weight of my E-PL5 with a VF-2 and a pancake prime or kit zoom on it. I agree, if I were to include the extra telephoto zoom, things even out, but it's simply NOT a small camera.

The lens appears to be impressive, but my investment in it would be lost when the body/sensor is no longer competitive. If I paid $700-800 or so for an equivalent lens that I could keep for more than one generation of camera, it's a better deal in the long run.

Could you point me to an equivalent lens or lenses that covers a 12-100mm F3.7 range for $700-800 preferably $700 I am Scottish after all


All in all, it could not replace my system interchangeable lens cameras. I'd rather have them, and keep my Panasonic ZS8 superzoom pocket point and shoot with an admittedly slower 24-360mm lens and smaller sensor - which, BTW, I paid $60 for used on ebay.

I'd rather split the focal length range into 3 lenses. I'd prefer to carry a 40-150mm, a 14mm with a wide converter, and a 25mm f1.4 That way I'd go all the way from 10.5mm using the Sony wide converter and the 14mm) up to 300mm using the zoom. That would cost ~ $900, but I much prefer it to one wide range zoom. It's MUCH faster at the wide to normal end, and only very slightly slower at 200mm and then it extends all the way to 300mm.

I wouldnt have high hopes for the wide convertor  ,it is faster at the wide end well with the 14mm anyway , the 40-150 is slightly slower { F4 vs effective F3.75 of the R10} at the wide end and over a stop slower { F5.6 vs effective F3.75 of the R10] at the long end. I think with your $900 calculation you may have forgotten to add in a weather sealed mFT body with built in EVF to match the R10 build.

Anyways, I never said such an alternative m4/3 lens existed - just that I would prefer to have an interchangeable lens that could move across multiple generations of bodies/sensors so as to preserve my investment.

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