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Re: RX10 Sample images

marike6 wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

marike6 wrote:

So judging by these recent threads, half the m43 are jumping ship for the RX10 and half are jumping ship for the A7.

Is this the end of m43? Kind of sad for all those nice m43 primes going to waste for the shiny Sony cameras. But judging by all these answers in this thread, m43 is even overkill. People just want snaps and convenience. So all the small size vs DSLR arguments I've had were really BS. It's not small size, or low weight but convenience with sort of decent IQ up to ISO 800. At least now I understand.

The whole rationale behind mFt is a smaller lighter more convenient to carry system with decent image quality. If you are looking for the best resolution, or the best high ISO ,or the best DR or the best colour depth , mFT wouldn't be at the races .

Yes, but the argument for m43, especially with the advent of the EM5 and GH3 16 mp class of cameras, has always been IQ is not far off from the APS-C DSLRs with bodies and lenses significantly smaller.

The image quality gap  between the RX10/100mk2 is signifcantly smaller than the gap between mFT and the best APS|0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28appareil2%29/865|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon/%28appareil3%29/793|0/%28brand3%29/Olympus

As for the lens size difference that rather depends on whether you compare effective apertures. .Which you invariably do when you mention the RX10 . F/1.8 on Nikon APS has the same effect as F/1.2 on mFT

The RX10 at close to 2 lbs (816 g) hardly qualifies as smaller or lighter, does it?

You forgot to add in the 12-100mm constant F3.7 lenses to your calculation

And you are giving up a heck of a lot of low-light ability vs m43 and APS-C (See the sample JPEGs below), and all of the m43 lenses that you've worked so hard for do not mount. Apart from being an all in one design how is such a camera convenient

All camera systems are sacrifices with mFt compared to larger formats you sacrifice absolute image quality for small and convenient , perhaps you have not noticed the thousands of posts here that mention exactly that .For very many uses mFt is overkill each to their own

But again the RX10 is neither small or lightweight. And DOF control is not great and it's super pricey.

Please try and include constant aperture 12-100mm F3.7 weather sealed lenses in your weight and size calculation. Haven t you read here that shallow DOF is a crutch and cliche :-).

As for pricey show me a weather sealed mFT body with built-in EVF and lenses that are at least fast enough to cover a 12-100mm range at F3.7 then get back to me about pricey.

And as you can see by these sample images below, it's noisy as early as ISO 800!!! I just bought a new Fujifilm X-E1 kit. Even as a mostly RAW shooter, if I had downloaded JPEGs of this quality (see below) there is no way I would have purchased it, it's that simple.

So the RX10 whose main attraction, as you claim, is convenience, is likely a RAW-only camera because mushy Sony's JPEG engine? You be the judge. Have a look at the images from PhotographyBlog below.

I have zero interest in default JPEG output from any camera large or small so I would use RAW anyway. Judging a camera by default JPEG output on a pre-production model taken in a rush are very far from what I would use to judge image quality.

Looking at the low light studio samples from the RX100mk2 compared to the E-M5 { RAW} sure the RX100m2 is behind the E-M5 at 800ISO probably by about .7 of a stop .Though I wouldn't say that the E-M5 was exactly crystal clear

Opened in RAW

No additional processing, no resizing just a straight comparison of a detailed area in shadow

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