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utomo99 wrote:

Now the mega pixel war is over.
Many people now want big sensor to get better image.
I suggest dpreview add pixel density info.
So we know that mega pixel divided by sensor size number.
I believe we can get better image by having lower pixel density.

DPReview did quote pixel density for a while, and then they went off it again.

I have three cameras with three different pixel counts at the same 1/2.3 size.

The 10 MP CCD in the SP-570UZ 20x zoom bridge camera (2008) I considered a vital step-up of resolution from the 7 MP in the SP-550UZ. It also has more shadow detail with less noise in it.

Then the 14 MP CCD in the Stylus 9010 10x zoom pocket P&S (2010) beat the SP-570UZ for both shadow detail and noise, AND it has better colour separation. That is disgusting. A P&S should not be allowed to beat a bridge camera for IQ.

Then the 16 MP BSI CMOS sensor in the 24x zoom SZ-30MR pocket P&S (2011) beat the first two for shadow detail, noise, resolution, colour separation and saturation.

These three shots were taken in quick succession in stable daylight conditions.

This link gives you the individual images and their exif -


The pixel density goes up from year to year - and so does the IQ, which goes against expectation. I suppose that is why DPReview stopped quoting pixel density.


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