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Re: My Take

I used to own GH1, GH2 and G6 and now just recently sold all my bodies to find my next m4/3 body as I still have the 14-140mm lens with me. I now only need it for family photos and videos... So I had my eyes fully fixed on the GX7 as it seems to be the best overall body in terms of IQ, performance, features, size and price.

Then RX10 was announced and I can get the RX10 for about $1000 via a connection.

So now I'm a little tempted. I'm now 70 30 GX7 way.

- Well built, weathersealed, G6/GH3 sized body / grip.
- Enough DoF (or better) to match a GX7 with a 14-140mm.
- I prefer the wide 24mm of RX10 vs tele 280mm on GX7.
- Built-in 3 stop ND Filter to compensate the 1/3200 max shutter speed.
- 0x45x Macro performance. Can focus down to 3cm at 28mm. Close enough for me.
- Back-lit top LCD panel. (I'm old school as I used to own Canon D30, 10D, 20D with it)
- Love the mechanical dials such as fixed EV comp dial & aperture ring on the lens.
- In terms of high ISO IQ, it's near impossible to tell the GX7 and RX10 output apart.
- In fact, I think high ISO IQ is better than GH2/G6 that I had before it!
- Video IQ seems to be comparable to GX7. (But doubt it's better than GX7)
- Smoother electronic zoom during video.
- Mic input which GX7 doesn't have.
- OIS performance seems to be MUCH better than my 14-140mm lens with GH2/G6.
- Just see how close you can go and how stable the video is using OIS. Impressive.

But yeah, I think I'm not all sold et on the RX10 as GX7 still has some things I want:

1. Can become much more compact smaller lenses.
2. Much shallower DoF if I need it using nicer primes or zoom lenses.
3. Silent Mode.
4. Slightly better high ISO IQ. (seems to be about 0.5 stop)

Now.. Point 1 & 2 are really alll due to interchangeable lenses. In total, it'll be about double the price of RX10 in order to have a prime or two plus 14-140mm. Point 3 is more of a want than a need. Same goes for point 4. The extra 0.5 stops in high ISO IQ isn't going to ruin ANY photos over the RX7 photos.

I tried really hard to come up with more things for the RX7 but couldn't.
I know I would love to have some nice primes... But at the cost of $$$ and convenience...
Heck, with the money I save by not buying GX7, I could buy a RX10 + GM1(12-32) combo!
So which you reckon? (All 3 are within my max budget)
1. RX10 + Panasonic GM1 with 12-32
2. RX10 + RX100 II
3. Panasonic GX7 + 20 1.7 + 14-140

Interesting decision to make eh?

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