FLASH: Sony to launch A5/A5r - the "new" NEX-6 and NEX-7 ?

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Mel Snyder
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FLASH: Sony to launch A5/A5r - the "new" NEX-6 and NEX-7 ?

"Sony has announced in Japan this morning that, following the enthusiastic response to its new full-frame A7, it will be advancing production of its A5 and A5r, APS-C versions of its A7/A7r full frame DSLR.

"The A5 will replace the NEX-6, using the new sensor employed in the company's recently announced A3000. Delivery is expected in late February 2014."

"The A5r will replace the NEX-7, and will have a new 36mp APS-C sensor. the most refined and advanced APS-C sensor ever produced, Sony said. It is expected to launch in late March 2014.

"The A5 and A5r represent our commitment to providing consumers with a choice of sensors and price points in a single, more consumer-accepted configuration," Sony's announcement said. "E mount lenses for both the A5 and A7 series will work on both full frame and APS-C sensors, with the APS-C versions providing smaller sensor coverage when used on the A7.

"The A5 will carry a body-only MSRP of $699, and the A5r will be priced at $999. Both will differ from the A7 series mostly in sensor size. All current E mount APS-C lenses will function normally on the A5 and A5r."

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Not real yet - but not fantasy, either.

This is a far more likely scenario than Sony walking away from APS-C.

1. Sony has clearly invested heavily in a new camera body style - one that, for better or worse, is a blend of the rangefinder-type NEX configuration and a traditional DSLR form.

2. Dropping APS-C sensors into it makes a lot more sense than doubling down on the current NEX design that has been a sales disappointment. It would enable Sony great manufacturing and marketing efficiencies. The profits on an A5 and A5r would be vastly greater than trying to keep in production a different body type for the NEX-6 and an NEX-7 and an A7.

And so, those of you who have read the A7 chatter and feared Sony has abandoned you for richer customers, fear not. It would not have introduced the A3000 and a new 16-70 zoom if it was doing that.

Makes more sense than abandoning the APS-C market.

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