What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: Easy: Olympus will go FF as well. M43 + FF co-exist PERFECTLY

ultimitsu wrote:

007peter wrote:

Olympus can and will go FF too:


Every camera maker can say something like that, after all FF sensor can be bought. it is just a matter of building a body big enough to house it.

But to sell such a product, you need a lot than just that.

keep in mind that:

Canon maintain (1) FF (2) APS-C (3) APS-H (4) EOS-M formats

Actually, APS-H is gone and never had any unique lenses, EOS-M is the same APS-C as their DSLR. Canon maintains 3 lines of lenses - EF, EFS, and EOS-M. However, design wise I think EOS-M and EF-S are very close, they can easily share the same design.

there is absolutely nothing preventing

Olympus from maintaining both (1) m43 plus (2) FF format

What prevents them from doing that is launch enough lenses at once to support such a system. It took M43 5 years to get where they are now. the DD OM lenses are way too old, I mean you cannot expect people to buy a brand new FF and then go look for 20 year old lenses to use their camera.

I really depends on the nature of the system your offering I'd say.

m43 has basically looked to offer a smaller alternative to a DSLR in terms of lens lineups minus long tele and some specialist options.

Personally I suspect that a FF mirrorless system that looks to go that route isn't going to be so attractive due to the lens sizes involved, something more akin to Fuji's X system(Leica with AF) seem like it may play to the strengths of FF mirrorless more. With that kind of system its less a case of releasing masses of lenses and more a case of releasing the right lenses at the right places.

Fuji for example got things very right with there 35mm /1.4 on the X system in terms of price, soecs and performance, that lens alone IMHO gave the system a strong launch. Compare that to the Sony 35mm F/2.8 which for me looks serious underspeced(turning a vital lens into a marketing gimmick for a system's small size?) and overpriced.

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