Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

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Re: Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

The 15mm and the 20mm though are both designed to be small lenses. You mention the voigtlander but look at the size of the 17.5mm lens, granted an F/1.4 lens wouldn't be as big but it would likely need to be longer.

and I would be absolutelly ok with that.

The problem with wide faster primes on digital mirrorless is that you can't have the light hitting the sensor at too extreme an angle as unlike film the sensor isn't totally plat but a series of pits.

ok makes sense

Personally I think its supprizing more just how fast the 20mm is for its size. You look at other mirrorless systems and really only Canon's 22mm F/2 is offering a pancake in this kind of range close to that speed, Sony's 20mm is only F/2.8 while its 30mm F/1.8 isn't small at all.

again i dont need ultra compact, I am looking for a specific look of the resulting files that is what matters to me


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