What will happen to Olympus now??

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Easy: Olympus will go FF as well. M43 + FF co-exist PERFECTLY

Olympus can and will go FF too:


keep in mind that:

Canon maintain (1) FF (2) APS-C (3) APS-H (4) EOS-M formats

Nikon maintain (1) FF (2) APS-C DX (3) CX 1" formats

there is absolutely nothing preventing

Olympus from maintaining both (1) m43 plus (2) FF format

beside Unlike Panasonic, Olympus has a healthy selection of FF OM Lens to be have one ebay

My prediction is that Olympus alone will go FF as well, but not Panasonic

Sony hates Panasonic, they're a true competitor to each other. Sony will not sold FF sensor to Panny anyways.

Having said that.  I agree paying for $1399 Olympus e-M1 "TODAY" is a BAD IDEA.  FF is coming, you can dance high or dance low, but FF will wreak havoc across all competitor.  To be fair, I also think investing $1200 into a Canon 17-55 F/2.8 is also an BAD IDEA.

Luckily I sold my canon 17-55/2.8 2 yrs ago.

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