What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

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My main point though was from a price point of view... I like everything about E-M1 but why invest on a m4/3 when you can get your hands on a FF for the same cost?

Because an E-M1 or EM-5 produce very good photographs - with IQ more than enough for web viewing or making 16 inch prints - and the overall system will still be much smaller than any full frame system. Some people also want more reach or more depth of field - not less.

I can get a bigger computer with a faster processor and graphics card for less than I'd pay for a comparatively underpowered thin laptop too.

In my opinion no matter how good the E-M1 is, E-M1 won't be able to compete with a FF went it comes to IQ. Again like you point out unless you pixel peek no one will really be able to see the difference straight away. Saying that I anticipate A7 will do a better job in low light conditions compare to m4/3 and this will be kinda obvious on most photos.

Sure if if you shoot black cats in dark cellars only with available light. But the so far announced full frame E mount lenses are not particularly fast - so you loose much of that advantage. Fast full frame E mount lenses will be quite big too.

Again, m4/3 will do fine but will E-M1 do well after A7 release is the question - from a price point of view.

Body price is only a small part of the equation. Sony charge relatively high prices for lenses and other things - that soon mounts up if you want to build a whole system.

A few years ago Sony produced a couple of very good full frame DSLR bodies with a very good sensor and some very nice Zeiss lenses - and compatibility with a host of other A-mount lenses. At the time those camera bodies were very competitively priced. From a price point of view they were great  - but they didn't make a blip in Canon and Nikon DSLR sales.

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