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John is correct

bobn2 wrote:

John King wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

John King wrote:

There is the further wrinkle demonstrated in the images above, that not all monitors are:

1) Calibrated (actually, it is the video card that's calibrated, in almost all cases ... )

Note - the above information is incorrect.

Note - It might appearto be "incorrect" to those not completely familiar with the entire process/es that computers use to display graphic images; and how colour management works .

My monitor calibration is pretty basic, and involves setting up the monitor controls on the monitor. I know that this just affects the monitor, because the electronic link (VGA, DVI or HDMI) doesn't have a provision for the monitor to program the display card. I'd be very grateful to know of a better technique, please.

You will have software that came with your video card that will allow a great deal of control.  Open it and have a look at the myriad options, fiddle with it, then put it back at defaults like I did. 

If you really want a calibrated display then you'd need at least some basic tools such as a colour chart that you can shoot then leave in place while you fiddle around to attempt to get a good colour match.  A proper calibration puck and software is the best solution, though.  Or buy a pre-calibrated monitor then sell it on and buy another every couple of years if you're less picky.

What John is discussing (and Big Ga misunderstands) is that much of the fine control and tuning is in fact due to the video card.  (This is also why you have different colour calibration tools for computer monitors and TVs.)

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