What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

CharlesB58 wrote:

With the release of Sony A7 and A7r and from a price point of view I'm wondering what sort of market will there be for Olympus micro fur-thirds - Specially the new OM-D E-M1. For the price of E-M1 you can easily get a A7 at lease within 100 bucks difference.

For me investing on a Full-frame make more sense long term... I know micro four-thirds have a better lens line up and is more established but hey, if I consider buying a E-M1 today why not just invest the money for a Full frame? or am I missing something here?

E-M1 having axis image stabilizer is the only plus against Sony A7. Even from a size point of view both are about the same.

What will happen to Olympus now? Any thought ? What would you pick if you were on the market today? What's the mirror-less camera you'll go for?

Cheers !!

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Olympus XZ-1 and working my way up!

Perhaps the A7 makes more sense to you because you are only thinking of the sensor relative to the camera body size. The lenses will still be much larger.

No they wont. For the same performance, Lens should be more or less the same size, especially for medium FL (35mm-100mm).

In fact, compare the Sony 35 F2.8  against Oly 17 F1.8. The sony is about 1/2 stop faster but not really bigger.

Since the practical difference in IQ between FF and the latest m4/3 sensors only shows up at extremely high ISOs

Not true. High ISO IQ diffeence is quite apparent as soon as there is any IQ degradation, which for m43 kicks in at ISO400~800.

Unless the af on the A7 has improved markedly over the NEX series, few sports, wildlife, concert or photojournalism photographers will rush to buy one.

But these cameras are not aimed at pros. they are aimed at hobbyists. Majority of camera buyers are hobbyists, just as majority of EM1 buyers are merely hobbyists too.

But it will not endanger m4/3 much more than the D600 and 6D endangered aps-c dslrs.

D600 and 6D have killed off D300s/7D class camera, neither nikon and canon chooses to refresh 1800 dollar class APS-C after 4 years. That is how much "endangering" we are talking about.

Olympus will do just fine with m4/3 because it's a relatively small segment of buyers who are fixated on FF as the main criteria for buying a camera.

There is no such thing as "fixated on FF". People buy FF over m43 for better IQ, just as you buy m43 over XZ2 for better IQ.

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