RX10 lens quality?

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Re: RX10 lens quality?

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Digital Nigel wrote:

But how many of your pics have a focal length >135, which is the RX10's max telephoto zoom in APS-C terms? Or, in other words, you'd be reducing your max from 375mm to 200mm in 35mm terms -- quite a drop.

Yes, that has been on my mind also.

The RX10 covers most things, up to a certain point. 250mm (375mm on APS-C) is about the lowest I'd like to go.

I'd still like to see another innovation - a compact 24-480mm superzoom with 1/1.7" sensor and constant f/2.8 lens. This may be the best compromise in reach and quality?

There is Panasonic FZ200 with 25-600/2.8 lens, but the sensor is 1/2.3". Pentax Q7 has a 1/1.7" and you can easily adapt any 105/2.8 or faster lens to it, which will be equivalent of 480mm. There is native Q lens with 69-207/2.8 specs.

Thanks, but if I want to stay with changing lenses, I'd stick to my D5200 and 2.8 lenses.

I'm looking at all-in-one's like the RX10 with larger sensors than 1/2.3".

No such camera exists right now.

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