An impossible portrait (17.5mm Voigtländer Nokton)

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TrapperJohn wrote:

I've been looking at the EM1, but it's $1400, doesn't really improve on the EM5 in the IQ department, and I'm wondering.. is a larger VF and fast ZD AF worth $1400? What else can I get for that sort of money?

I am also eyeing the E-M1 (mainly for size, EVF adn AF with ZDs) but not in a hurry. Current cameras are still working fine. I've always found that a nice new lens that allowed me to go to places not visited before, sparked my creativity more than a new body (although the weathersealing of my first E3 was a real revelation for a travel nut like me).

Let's see... I could get the 12-40 F2.8, but I already have my faithful 14-54.

I am really looking at the 12-40 F2.8 because my 12-60 is now broken.

I might get lucky and find a ZD 150 F2 for $1400. Not unrealistic.

It's a great great lens but specialised. I will not take it on my next trip (leaving tomorrow for rural Morocco), because the bulk and weight and very long fixed focal length are too cumbersome to justify taking it with me for the few great shots it would yield... The 35-100 at 100mm is fine too and much more versatile.

Maybe the 75 1.8, but I already have the ZD 35-100 F2. That only gets me convenience.

Ditto: the 35-100 is my main documentary lens, coupled with a fast wider prime.

CV 25 .95, but I already have the PL25 1.4 and love it.

Ditto again.

So I could commit to the EM1 without feeling that the money was better spent elsewhere, unless I find a particularly good deal on a 150 F2.

And now you go and publish these stunning shots, the sort of very dynamic light capture that really makes me go - oh wow!. Point well taken on having that extra aperture to play with in dark conditions, plus the EM5's extra DR and PP headroom to make the most of the results. Those are impressive results... I've seen similar scenes that I simply couldn't do justice to with lesser glass. What you've done is show me how to capture something I really wanted to get, but just couldn't quite do it.

And I don't have anything in that range, so getting a 17 .95 would add capability I don't have.

So my next gear addition is anything but clear... that 17 .95 is looking like a very good lens to have.

Don't go putting the blame on me, but F0.95 is really something, not so much for the DOF control but for light gathering. (Shallow DOF freaks better look at longer focal lengths, even a bit slower).

I've been wondering whether to take the Nokton with me to Morocco because the E-M5 is only a second camera and because the Pany 20mm F1.7 is not bad (and smaller and with AF), but I've now definitely decided to also take the Nokton. It works in circumstances where nothing else does.

So my gear list is final (I will visit really rural Morocco for a photo-job so unfortunately no Fez, Marrakech or Casablanca for me).

I'll take E-5 with 35-100, 7-14 and PL25

Also in the same bag E-M5 with 17.5 Nokton, 7.5Rokinon FE, 45mm. Smaller gear for when non-intimidating appearance is needed.

The LX7 on my belt.

(and in my checked luggage I take a backup set of E-3 with 14-54 and 50-200, to be used if my carry-on luggage with the main gear would get stolen).

For light I do take a reflector, but probably not even the FL-50 because I hardly use it anyway.  Flash light is such an intrusion in a documentary scene that it ruins the vibe (at least for me).

Exciting week ahead.

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