I just got the Sony RX1

Started Oct 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: I just got the Sony RX1

memo90061 wrote:

Yeah weather is not an issue in LA. I'm nervous to carry it though because of how much it costs.

if you search my thread, i just managed to scraped a tiny bit of paint off the aperture ring with my fingernail, and now i don't care anymore. i bought a full case off eBay that worked very well. i don't even plan to put it inside a carry bag while walking around during trip unless rain pouring. now i feel more relieved than ever and seems to enjoy the camera much much more. keeping it pristine seems pointless to me now as there'll aleays be something new from Sony sooner or later and RX1 is a well built camera and going to last for long time - just don't drop it.

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