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Re: And it will face the same Questions......

Dheorl wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The RX10 is as large, heavy and expensive as most DSLRs. Not sure what point it adds on any scale or how it relates to m43 at all. m43 is about small size, low weight cameras with DSLR level IQ in all kinds of natural light situations.

Because to get equivalent range with a DSLR of similar specifications requires a bigger kit. I'm sure the RX10 will be able to get DSLR quality in many natural light situations.

See for yourself how it does in low-light. (click on link below and download the RX10 samples) Be sure to view at 100% and let me know if you still think it's DSLR quality.

Sorry, but a 24-200 f8 DOF equivalent camera sounds OK. But tell me it's the same price as a Fujifilm X-E2 / 18-55 f/2.8-4 kit, or D7100 kit and I'll try not to laugh, I promise.

Is DoF really all you think about? It has so much going for it over either of those cameras that I think the price is justified.

No DOF is not everything nor is price. But I have no interest in a $1400 Sony bridge camera that's less versatile, has worse IQ, and cannot mount any lenses below 24mm or above 200mm. But photography is a very personal thing, and everybody has different needs. If you want the camera, buy it. I see little need for m43 users to be interested in such a camera when a EM-5, GH3 or EM-1 will provide better IQ, and access to a ton of primes and zooms.

I'm a m43 user and I'm interested in it as are seemingly many other people. If it doesn't interest you then why are you even bothering to discuss it? Do you feel you're doing us some sort of service telling us our photos will immediately start to suck if we buy one because trust me, you're not.

I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, just mentioning that the RX10 really has no relation to Micro43 as it's not "micro" and it's not a system camera.  The OP said that it should be of interest to m43 users because of some tenuous connection to an expensive Panasonic zooms.  But other than that, nobody has explained why the RX10 should be of particular interest to m43.  Best of luck.

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