Is Sony leaving APS-C ???

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Is Sony leaving APS-C ???

So, here is some speculation that we had over a dinner conversation here.

Sony, with the new FE-mount FF camera may have an ace in the hole. This means long-term profit for them. And, if they add a DLSR with IBIS in FF mount for a similar price, they can lock up the higher end segment. In fact, dominate it... or can they? They are hurrying with FE lenses...

Then why would Sony keep making APS-C cameras? Or APS-C lenses for that matter?

Sony is already heavily invested in Olympus, and may want to see the Oly business propping up to salvage the company, and perhaps even merge with the also ailing Panasonic division.

Sony is also heavily connected with Nikon and they have fine offerings for APS-C and FF, that are all Sony based. So Sony still captures part of the profits that way - more even if they don't compete directly.

For all the excitement around the NEX cameras, the mirror-less market by large has failed to gain market share from DSLR cameras. Let's face it - we (as in people) prefer to purchase DSLR cameras, en mass, by ratio of 5:1. So we (as in people) have told the mirror less camera manufacturers to forget it.

Add to this the endless debate between m43 and APS-C, and it is always about the lenses - size and availability, sharpness and IQ. m43, as a 4:3 format is a lot smaller than the larger APS-C in a 3:2 format. APS-C needs larger lenses, there is no way around it. Why not just dumb down the market - most APS-C shooters only want pictures of their kids and dogs running around after all.

Samsung is dabbling, but seems to get no solid customer basis, and Fuji, with fine products, seems to be very happy being just a niche player, playing for its own survival.

So - with both the SLT and NEX divisions not delivering the future growth curve that were promised, why keep at it? Why not just shut them all down, invest in Fuji and Olympus, and support Nikon against Canon. Sony - as a company - has little to lose this way.

Let's face it. Any A7 camera that sells will net Sony more than an equivalent 3 to 4 NEX cameras that get sold. And with dwindling margins on the aging product line, cost reduction measures are needed, but are not as easy as one thinks.

So, we can start and spread the rumor that NEX is dead. In fact SLT is also dead and the A and E mount are dead. Done, no more lenses, no more cameras. All that is left a year from now is the FE-mount.

Perhaps Sony is still deciding. But we (as the people) can decide for them. With the Sony vagueness as to what is coming, we may as well write them off and signal that we really do not care any longer. If they want the name, and product line, to be dead, we can spread the rumors - and this will also show in our decision.

After all, a NEX camera was never a DSLR. DSLRs were always better at their game, with true PDAF, and we (as the people) REALLY do not care about smaller sizes. All the m43, the NEX, the Fuji camera have only grown larger over the years, and now we see the A7 and OMD-EM1 monstrosities. It proofs that we don't want small, and we are willing to pay for it.

So, NEX and SLT are dead - we (as the people) are declaring it dead. Sony - make up your mind - quickly. We declare you dead. Dead as in: we will purchase from the competition, even if you dare to announce a new model. You have just lost your credibility.

Sony - hurry. I mean hurry. Tell us what you are planning, and if death of our beloved investments is imminent, so be it. We will all hurdle on to the main players. There are reason why Canikon has grown big over the years - something called long term product support. And another reason is their access and friendliness with professional photographers and reviewers, who still consider Sony as a strange duck.

If you don't get this Sony, then all is dead. Brand loyalty lasts only one generation today...

I really hope that someone in Sony understands what all these forum threads are leading up to. And I really hope that I will be proven wrong and that Sony does have a very clever plan for the future. One that we will all buy in to...

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