Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

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Re: Left-eye-dominant left-hander

Rexgig0 wrote:

I am left-eye dominant, which is one big reason I prefer cameras that have the viewfinder mounted high, so my right eye is not blocked by the camera body. This assumes horizontal/landscape orientation, of course; vertical portrait blocks neither of my eyes, though my portrait orientation is, of course, opposite that of a right-hander, which is one reason "gripped" cameras have never particulary appealed to me, except for the added battery capacity.

I am left-handed, but operating the shutter with my right index finger has never been a problem. Photography is a two-handed endeavor, anyway, with plenty of things for each hand to be doing.

By right-eyed, I got a little mixed up. The V-1’s viewfinder is a tiny bit to the right (I have one). As far as holding the 4500 upside-down, it’s a bit strange, but it’s all I can think of for a standard viewfinder.

Other than that, the only other possibility I can come up with, are those optional viewfinders that clip into the flash shoe of some high end compacts and mirrorless. They’re centrally located, but perched on top of the camera.

You can check out most offerings here.


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